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What is UM/UIM insurance coverage, and how does it protect me?

Chances are that you haven't given a lot of thought to the acronym UM/UIM in your Oklahoma auto insurance policy. After all, isn't it commonly the case that we necessarily rely upon an insurance agent to simply tell us what the law mandates and what coverage levels should be printed out on the document sitting in our car's glove compartment?

If in fact you don't know much about uninsured/underinsured motorists coverage, you should at least be pleased by this upside relevant to UM/UIM coverage: It protects you when you and/or loved ones are involved in a motor vehicle accident in which the other driver who caused your injuries lacks sufficient coverage to adequately compensate you.

Has your insurer left you out in the cold after a damaging storm?

Like many in Oklahoma, you understand that tornados and high-wind storms are a way of life, especially during spring. Recently, a rare summer tornado impressed upon you the need for preparation that may go beyond battening down the hatches.

You have certainly taken steps to keep your family and belongings safe in the event of a damaging storm. You have a safety plan that includes emergency supplies, food and water, and battery-powered flashlights and radio. Perhaps you have even landscaped your property to prevent trees from damaging your house or falling onto power lines. And of course, you have insurance.

Will Kanye West prevail against concert insurer?

When denied insurance claims are reported in news cycles, they common center on claims stemming from environmental disasters and powerful storms where insurers dispute whether damage was created by flooding or high winds in an attempt to avoid paying a claim.  

However, insurance policies cover a wide variety of issues that can come up in everyday life, and affect a large number of individuals and businesses across the economic spectrum. So it would not be surprising when a rap mogul has an issue with an insurer delaying payment on a claim. 

Oklahoma ranked 39th in health care

Individuals can encounter challenges when it comes to getting the health care they need. Examples include difficulties in getting access to certain health services and difficulties connected to the costs of such services. Among the things that can impact what challenges people face on this front is where they live, as states differ in a variety of ways when it comes to their overall health care systems.

How does Oklahoma rank when it comes to health care? Unfortunately, a WalletHub report puts the state well within the bottom half of the country on this count.

Staying financially protected when the unexpected strikes

Many unexpected events can occur for a person and their family. A major illness could suddenly arise. A major injury could occur leaving a person disabled. A sudden and unexpected death could occur in the family. The list goes on.

One of the great fears a family may have regarding such an event is that it could end up derailing the family financially. These sorts of events could trigger all sorts of costs and economic losses for a person and their family. One of the steps individuals and families can take to try to reduce the possible financial harm future unexpected events could do to them is get insurance.

My home is damaged: Will my insurer perform?

The above-posed question in today's blog post headline is one that many residents in Oklahoma and surrounding states understandably ask themselves in the wake of material damage that their home has incurred following a tornado, hail storm, fire, flood or other calamity.

Most homeowners reasonably assume that their insurance company will promptly step up and contractually perform in a comprehensive and good-faith manner when it is presented with a legitimate claim.

Earthquake insurance in Oklahoma: some interesting numbers

There are several prominent takeaways from an in-depth and reflective media article written earlier this year on the topic of earthquakes in Oklahoma.

Undoubtedly, this tops the list: Earthquake occurrences and attendant quake damage comprise a very real threat to residents across the state.

When long-term care brings long-term headaches

If you are the kind of person who likes to cover every base and leave nothing to chance, you likely make lists, keep a calendar and make frugal decisions with your money. Chances are, you have made ultimate plans, like choosing a power of attorney and writing a will.

When you took out your long-term health care policy, you probably felt good about your decision. Knowing that people are living longer lives, but facing the possibility of a prolonged illness or incapacitating condition, you purchased an insurance policy and faithfully paid the outrageously high premiums. Now, just when you need it, the insurance company has denied your claim.

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