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Couple's damage claim reversed on appeal due to time bar

Following are the material details of an insurance dispute that should resonate in uppercase with any individual or family having a bona-fide claim for damages under an insurance policy.

The bottom line in the case -- a matter recently resolved on appeal in federal court -- is that an insured can marshal truly powerful arguments in equity and law that seemingly promote a winning position, yet flatly lose a case because of one single and narrowly circumscribed factor.

Scary proposition: when the LTC company you've long funded tanks

Most residents across Oklahoma and the rest of the country buy various forms of insurance for a logical and obvious reason: they need safeguards and some assurance against the downsides posed by risk.

Among all the groups that purchase that protection, there is arguably one demographic that stands above all others for being especially vulnerable and justifiably concerned with the integrity and promises of insurance companies that are eagerly taking premiums from its members.

Fighting insurance bad faith situations on behalf of your parent

Many adult children in Oklahoma set aside personal goals and make other sacrifices to help care for their parents. If you're in this type of situation, you likely understand the emotional, physical and financial challenges often associated with such care. If early on-set Alzheimer's disease is part of the equation, the emotional aspect of your particular situation may be greatly intensified. It can be utterly devastating to see a parent under the age of 65 suffer mental decline.

Early on-set Alzheimer's disease plagues many families in this state and throughout the nation. Ongoing research, as well as studies that suggest natural alternatives to conventional medicines and treatments, help many families like yours improve their loved one's quality of life while battling this destructive disease. Problems associated with insurance claims are not uncommon for adult children caring for Alzheimer's afflicted parents. Arming yourself with as much information as possible and knowing where to turn for help may be key factors in overcoming any obstacles that arise.

Manipulating policy language: lawsuit alleges insurer's bad faith

Hartford Life and Accident Insurance Company, Inc., a major arm and subsidiary of the conglomerate commonly referred to in shorthand form as The Hartford, has a commanding national presence.

Including in Oklahoma, where Hartford is a major purveyor of policies -- including life insurance -- to residents across the state.

With health insurance, a delay may be as bad as a denial

Health care and how to pay for it is top of mind for nearly everyone in Oklahoma and the rest of the country right now. The political realities of the issue make it so. But if you or a loved one is on the receiving end of a diagnosis for some major illness that requires significant, long-running treatment, the issue takes on a sense of urgency.

Insurance coverage is in place for many more people than used to be the case because of federal laws. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the access gates to care have been thrown open. If a legitimate claim comes back underpaid, if payment is delayed, or the claim is denied, battling for benefits you are due becomes a priority – just when you need to be focused on conquering your condition.

Understanding credit insurance

Anyone who has ever worked in politics knows that for every issue there is a lobbying group, perhaps two – one pro, one con. If you happen to be a lover of all things snake, you might find your voice with the United States Association of Reptile Keepers.

In some ways, the insurance market mirrors life in the same way. For every area of potential risk, there is a carrier ready to offer an insurance policy against it. Did you know that Lloyd's of London offers lottery insurance to companies worried about suffering a mass exodus if employees form a pool and win? The only thing that might be worse is if that happened and the insurer denied the claim.

Defending rights to death benefits isn't just about money

Denied insurance claims happen. There would be no need for insurance lawyers to defend the rights of those who are owed coverage if it weren't for the fact that some insurance providers act in bad faith in some cases.

The last thing anyone who is dealing with a life insurance claim wants to deal with is the surprise that they might not get the benefit they were relying on. They are probably already in a grieving period, struggling just to get by emotionally. When the legal hardship of a life insurance denial comes up, it can be overwhelming during an already overwhelming time of loss.

Denied insurance claim? Be sure to cover your legal options

You may have faced multiple instances in your life where having insurance allowed you to handle a situation better, especially from a financial standpoint. Insurance protection can cover a variety of circumstances, and though this aspect may seem like a benefit, it can sometimes make it more difficult to determine whether your policy covers damages you have suffered. However, the information provided in your insurance policy documents should allow you to determine your coverage.

Unfortunately, you might find yourself in a predicament in which you suffered significant property damage to your home. Though you undoubtedly took the time to file a claim with your homeowners' insurance company, the company may have denied your claim. When faced with a denial, you could feel confused and at a loss as to whether the denial was justified.

Resilient home construction and Oklahoma insurance

In the past on our insurance blog, we have discussed homeowners insurance and cases related to the damage of tornadoes in particular. Oklahoma tornadoes have caused significant damage to homes in the past, and will more than likely continue to do so in the future. 

The level of damage that might occur to a home in future tornadoes, however, might be mitigated through planning. Not all homes are built equally. These days, more homes are built according to what's called the "fortified construction standard." Safety and construction authorities have created and designated modes of building that can reduce the chances of weather severely damaging property. 

We know risks of distracted driving; what about insurance impact?

If you are reading this blog post, it is probable you are reading it on your cell phone. People use their phones for all kinds of daily activities such as logging steps, listening to music, navigating to lunch, reading the news and even getting legal advice. 

The convenience of cell phones doesn't take away from their dangers. In fact, if you are reading this on your phone, make sure you aren't behind the wheel at the same time. If you are doing so, you may be contributing to the reason why your car insurance rate has likely increased. 

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