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When nature strikes, insurance problems can, too

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2016 | Insurance Disputes

Central Oklahoma just experienced a significant earthquake earlier this month. That is just one kind of natural disaster that could prove how valuable it is to have the right kind of insurance, as well as someone with insurance knowledge to fight for you, your needs and rights.

According to Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak, a typical homeowner’s insurance plan does not cover earthquake damage. Hopefully, this doesn’t come as a big, disappointing and expensive shock to those whose homes have likely been damaged about 70 miles north of Oklahoma City last week.

Even with the catastrophic insurance plans that residents might have, insurance attorneys know all too well that providers will come back with claim denials or too little to offer. The seemingly simple act of filing a claim can be complicated too and, therefore, best done with the help of experienced legal support.

There are so many ways that nature can cause damage to your home: rain, hail, ice, fire, flooding, wind and earthquakes. A fallen tree, for example, can mean a wrecked roof and an uninhabitable home. Fixing a home in such conditions is not cheap. But it is necessary.

Being prepared for what life can throw at us is admirable. It can be so disheartening when that preparation is met with disappointment and bad faith actions on the part of your insurance provider. When the homeowner’s insurance or other plan for which you have paid doesn’t seem to properly cover your losses, don’t doubt your instinct to fight for more help.