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Cancer awareness should include awareness of cost

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2016 | Insurance Disputes

October is already nearly behind us. We feel the need to address an important matter that people here in Oklahoma and across the country have recognized all month: breast cancer.

It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when individual family members, national sports teams, etc. honor those who have battled breast cancer and try to raise awareness in order to fund research, treatment and even a cure for the illness. 

As insurance law attorneys, we feel it is timely to address the reality of breast cancer, its impact in Oklahoma and the general costs of the disease. Breast cancer often does lead to health insurance problems and the need to fight for the coverage one is owed.

Breast cancer is devastating to the person suffering from it; it is devastating to those who love the person with the disease. It never seems appropriate to have to worry about the money and insurance matters associated with such a personal, emotional life event. 

The reality is that insurance does get involved. If you are very fortunate in terms of cost and insurance coverage, your provider will get it right. You won’t have any concerns about what treatments are covered and the cost owed. If you are not so fortunate and like many others impacted by breast cancer, you will run into discrepancies in the insurance coverage. 

According to Costs of Care, about one-third of people run into health insurance problems related to their breast cancer treatment. An uncovered treatment can mean a lot of money to a patient and her family. Medical debts can increase stress in an already stressful time.

When an insurance provider is in the wrong when creating this stress, an insurance lawyer can become an invaluable source of guidance. Someone with experience representing the rights of policy holders can take on the legal fight that someone dealing with or recovering from cancer simply shouldn’t have to face alone.