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Why provider might say your life insurance claim is denied

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2016 | Insurance Disputes

A life insurance policy is something that most of us do not want to think about, whether it is a policy of our own or for our loved ones. But the policies exist for a reason and can offer a significant benefit in the case of someone’s death. 

Too many assume that they do not need to worry about life insurance. Sources suggest that it is actually financially savvy for young men and women to buy into life insurance plans because they are cheaper at that time in life. 

“Cheap” is a relative term. Those who pay for life insurance policies often have devoted a large sum of money into their plans. They expect to get the coverage they’ve been promised — the payout they deserve and need — in the face of loss. 

Insurance disputes unfortunately do happen within the specific realm of life insurance. The following are the most common excuses an insurance provider will deny a claim for coverage:

  • Policyholder put inaccurate or false information on the policy application
  • Circumstances of policyholder’s death make claim ineligible for coverage
  • Policy was not in effect yet when the death occurred
  • Policyholder never sent claim/provider never received the claim

Have you been faced with one or some of the above excuses when attempting to get the benefits you are owed through a life insurance policy? If so, working with an experienced insurance dispute attorney as soon as possible can help you continue to grieve while someone helps to protect your rights and your financial stability.