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Do common homeowners insurance claims hit home with you? Pt. 1

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2017 | Insurance Disputes

Are you new to owning a home in Oklahoma? Maybe you are not a new homeowner but have for some reason come to the realization that homeowners insurance could be important for you and your family. 

Contemplating the need for homeowners insurance will undoubtedly include evaluating whether your home is at-risk. Does the weather in your area get serious and stand a real chance at causing damage to your home, for example? The following are the most common reasons for filing homeowners insurance claims according to Travelers:

Wind damage: This reality of Oklahoma weather is likely a reason why a new homeowner would think about home insurance. With the severe tornado damage that impacted the state last year, it might be no surprise to read that wind damage is the cause behind most Oklahoma claims, about 25 percent of them. Weather data shows that more than 50 tornadoes occur within Oklahoma on average per year.

Water damage: Water is a powerful and destructive element. A home can be damaged by water due to weather and/or due to plumbing problems. Both causes can lead to serious and expensive damage. Insurance sources report that water damage accounts for about 30 percent of all national homeowners insurance claims.

Plumbing issues can be a threat anywhere. In Oklahoma specifically, rain fall and flooding increase the risk of water damage due to weather patterns. 


We will add to the list of common reasons behind homeowners insurance claims in an upcoming post. Until then, think about where you live and the risks that are real to your life and residence. Maybe you already have insurance but are struggling to get your claim paid. Whichever point in the homeowners insurance process you are currently facing, talking to an insurance lawyer near you will help in protecting your best interests.