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Use awareness effort as push to consider your hearth health risk

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2017 | Denied Insurance Claims

Last Friday was what has become known as National Wear Red Day. For 15 years now, women across the country have become more and more aware of the heart disease risks that are so real to them through the awareness campaign.

Too often, people associate health matters like heart attack and stroke with men. Women, however, fall victim to the same problems and face an even higher threat of dying due to heart disease. The number one cause of death among women in the U.S. is heart disease. Did you know that?

Speaking of knowledge, you might wonder whether you are at-risk of suffering from heart disease. Evaluating your risk could help you determine your medical insurance and similar needs. The following are some health facts to help you best plan for you and your family:

Cholesterol numbers: You should get semi-regular tests done with your trusted doctor to check your cholesterol levels. A high LDL cholesterol reading can be a risk factor, and that factor can go unnoticed without the proper testing.

Blood pressure:  Having high blood pressure can also increase your risk in terms of heart disease. All kinds of people can suffer from high blood pressure, including younger women. Again, have your doctor talk to you about your numbers and ways to improve them if necessary.

Smoking: There are various reasons why smoking or using tobacco in general is bad for your health and your heart health specifically. Quitting can make a difference in your heart disease risk quite quickly.


In a future post, we will continue this list of heart disease risk factors and discuss insurance matters related to patients with heart problems.

Medical bills tied to your heart disease can be expensive. Your health insurance coverage might help; however, so many women and men run into claim denials from their providers. The support of an insurance lawyer can help protect you financially so you can focus on your health.