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Denied insurance claim? Be sure to cover your legal options

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2017 | Blog

You may have faced multiple instances in your life where having insurance allowed you to handle a situation better, especially from a financial standpoint. Insurance protection can cover a variety of circumstances, and though this aspect may seem like a benefit, it can sometimes make it more difficult to determine whether your policy covers damages you have suffered. However, the information provided in your insurance policy documents should allow you to determine your coverage.

Unfortunately, you might find yourself in a predicament in which you suffered significant property damage to your home. Though you undoubtedly took the time to file a claim with your homeowners’ insurance company, the company may have denied your claim. When faced with a denial, you could feel confused and at a loss as to whether the denial was justified.

Reason given

The insurance company has a duty to provide you with a reason for denying your claim. You need to understand their given reason in order to gain a better idea of how you can address the situation. The three most common reasons that an insurance company denies a claim include:

  • Lack of coverage in your policy
  • Insurance coverage period ended before the damage occurred
  • Failure to meet a condition of the coverage

Of course, this denial does not automatically mean you have no other options. In some cases, a rejection could come about due to a misunderstanding revolving around the circumstances of the situation. If this is the predicament, you could provide evidence to clear up the misunderstanding in hopes of having your claim reviewed and approved.

Legal options

Of course, even if you send in a rebuttal with supporting evidence, the possibility exists that the company will not change their decision. In such instances, you may need to take legal action in an attempt to obtain payment. With such an undertaking, understanding the terms of your policy play a substantial role. The more you know about your policy and coverage, the better your chances of proving that the company failed to follow the terms of your agreement.

Additionally, filing a lawsuit takes a lot of hard work, time and effort. Therefore, you might want to ensure that you feel ready for the legal journey. In order to understand your options and gain assistance with the proceedings, you might also wish to consult with an experienced Oklahoma attorney who could help you work toward gaining the payment owed to you.