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Fighting insurance bad faith situations on behalf of your parent

On Behalf of | May 10, 2017 | Blog

Many adult children in Oklahoma set aside personal goals and make other sacrifices to help care for their parents. If you’re in this type of situation, you likely understand the emotional, physical and financial challenges often associated with such care. If early on-set Alzheimer’s disease is part of the equation, the emotional aspect of your particular situation may be greatly intensified. It can be utterly devastating to see a parent under the age of 65 suffer mental decline.

Early on-set Alzheimer’s disease plagues many families in this state and throughout the nation. Ongoing research, as well as studies that suggest natural alternatives to conventional medicines and treatments, help many families like yours improve their loved one’s quality of life while battling this destructive disease. Problems associated with insurance claims are not uncommon for adult children caring for Alzheimer’s afflicted parents. Arming yourself with as much information as possible and knowing where to turn for help may be key factors in overcoming any obstacles that arise.

Dementia and insurance

Compassion is obviously a crucial component of Alzheimer’s-related care. Getting caught up in red tape when attempting to navigate the insurance system may not only delay needed benefits, but can add emotional turmoil to an already difficult situation. The following facts may help you streamline your parent’s care:

  • A disability insurance plan must already be set before Alzheimer’s symptoms appear.
  • Employment-based disability benefits may replace as much as 60 to 70 percent of a person’s gross income.
  • Personal disability policies are not subject to income taxes.
  • It’s important to review an individual purchased policy to make sure Alzheimer’s disease is specifically listed in the coverage section.
  • Most policies require a defined length of time between the onset of dementia symptoms and the collection of benefits.

Especially in situations involving early on-set Alzheimer’s disease, simply getting through an average day with your parent may be a daunting experience. Getting the financial help your mother or father needs can prove challenging when insurance obstacles arise. This can add fuel to an emotional fire that becomes so overwhelming, it seems impossible to survive.

Plotting a course for support

You may be familiar with various support networks in Oklahoma for adult children like yourself who are dealing with complicated issues concerning their parents’ health conditions. In addition to finding emotional support and daily living assistance, it may be crucial to seek legal guidance if an insurance company denies your claim or delays it for some reason.

Failure to compensate the money you are owed, or otherwise acting in bad faith is illegal. Trying to address such matters in court on your own behalf may be the final straw to break the camel’s back, emotionally speaking. You may be able to alleviate undue stress if you take similar action as others have who have trod this path before you by acting alongside an experienced attorney used to handling disability claims issues.