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The insurance universe: a broad realm, with lots to protect

On Behalf of | May 24, 2017 | Insurance Disputes

Are you insured?

Such a question, while seemingly simple enough on its face, is really not readily susceptible of a quick and definitive answer at all, is it?

In fact, it might be reasonably responded to by a return query to the asker, namely this; Against what?

Ten people asked about the insurance coverage they carry are likely to provide just about that many varied responses, given the highly disparate lives that individuals and families lead and the resulting differences that makes in the risks that they must insure against.

If you’re young and single, it’s hard to argue that you need life insurance. It’s a good bet, though, that one of your parents has a policy. Legions of people in Oklahoma and nationally have auto insurance, but that coverage need does not distinctly apply to everyone. The same is true of long-term-care benefits; while they might make optimal sense for some couples, it’s hard to argue that a 20-something married couple should hurry out and buy a policy.

The point: The universe of offered insurance types and coverage options is simply vast, with the policies held by insureds being anything but cookie cutter.

Any law firm that represents plaintiffs in insurance disputes — such as denied, underpaid and/or delayed claim payments — can hardly claim to be of strong utility if its knowledge of the insurance universe is only partial and fragmented. For most clients seeking legal assistance, insurance litigation attorneys who routinely handle bad-faith and related claims against insurers of many types provide the most value.

That is, a legal team with proven on-point experience handling insurance claims will often have a demonstrated record of broad client advocacy in matters relating to medical insurance, homeowners insurance, LTC coverage issues, motor vehicle-related claims, commercial property coverage/liability protection and more.

Experience can seldom be discounted regarding any professional representation. With bad-faith and denied insurance claims, it can often make a dramatic and material difference for clients who insist upon it.