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Denied coverage? Talk with an attorney

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2017 | Denied Insurance Claims

When you agree with an insurance company so that your car is covered, or so your life is backed up by insurance, or so that your home is protected in case of a terrible natural disaster or unexpected event, you will understandably expect your insurer to make good on their promise to cover you, your loved ones, and your possessions. However, this isn’t always the way it goes. Sometimes your insurer will use obscure provisions in a policy to deny you what you deserve, or use outright bad faith tactics to deceive clients so that they can mitigate their liability.

Bad faith insurance is a scourge on the entire system, and no one should ever just sit idly by and allow it to continue. If you insurance claim is denied or if you think that your insurer failed to properly investigate your case, defend your interests, and settle the claim responsibly, then you should hold them accountable.

Even when you are being wrong by an insurance company, the specifics and details of a bad faith insurance case will be tricky. You should never go it alone when you feel your claim has been wrongfully denied.

Instead, get in touch with an experienced bad faith insurance lawyer as soon as you can. In Oklahoma City, the names to know in this regard are Mansell Engel & Cole. We will help you with your case and advocate for your rights, all while providing you with the legal support necessary to see your case through to fruition.