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Insurance denial advice: Be attentive and persistent

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2018 | Denied Insurance Claims

Examples of insurance companies’ so-called “bad faith” regarding their lack of performance in contracts with policyholders aren’t exactly in short supply.

We note a few representative examples from a wide universe of possibilities on our pro-plaintiffs’ website at the long-established Oklahoma law firm of Mansell, Engel & Cole. Those include things like the following:

  • Flat-out refusal to pay on a legitimate claim
  • Delayed payment
  • Failure to fully pay a claim
  • Refusal to defend and cover

Those are all serious matters, of course, and can leave a policyholder in a quandary regarding how to proceed.

A recent article that focuses specifically on coverage denial provides some advice on that point, to wit: be attentive.

Better yet, be a “veritable pit bull” unafraid of challenging an insurer and demanding that things be made right.

Insurers are often perceived as being all-powerful and having the clear upper hand in coverage disputes, but their autonomy and might can be easily overemphasized. The above article notes that they are, in fact, “highly regulated and subject to regulatory review and action.”

A proven insurance law attorney who routinely advocates on behalf of aggrieved claimants frequently has a lot of positive evidence to work with when examining an insurer’s actions that result in denial.

For starters, human error yields the wrong result in legions of cases. Coding mistakes concerning treatment are common. Claim reviewers make mistakes concerning treatment protocols and best practices.

A seasoned legal advocate knows how to spot such errors and take purposeful steps to rectify them. At Mansell, Engel & Cole, our attorneys have more than a century of collective on-point experience seeking best-case outcomes for our valued clients embroiled in insurance-linked challenges.

When you duly comply with all your obligations under an insurance policy contract, you have a reasonable right to expect that your insurer will do the same. When it doesn’t, take legal action that compels it to act properly.