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Tornado season spurs focus on Oklahoma insurance claims

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2018 | Insurance Disputes

An individual who has experienced a tornado at close range never forgets the encounter. Those virulent and unpredictable weather systems are among the most frightening and sometimes devastating of all natural events.

Many Oklahomans know that all too well. Along with a handful of other states, Oklahoma is virtually ground zero for tornado sightings and touch downs. Some years are not so bad. Others are problematic. The bottom line is that tornadoes are an annual phenomenon.

The yearly tornado season is in its midst right now. Thus far things have been quiet. The future is always unpredictable.

We note on our pro-policyholder insurance law website at the Oklahoma City law firm of Mansell, Engel & Cole the high prevalence of insurance claims in Oklahoma that seek compensation for tornado-linked damages. Roof damage is especially common.

Sadly, policyholders with seemingly unassailable claims frequently encounter delay tactics, unreasonable offers and even outright denial from their insurers. That can rise to the level of purposeful bad faith, which our deep legal team routinely contests vigorously on behalf of our valued clients across the state.

When you act in good faith by dutifully and timely paying your insurance premiums, your insurance carrier has a reciprocal duty to also act in an aboveboard manner. When it doesn’t, a strong and aggressive response from an experienced law firm can often persuade it to alter its stance.

Our attorneys dig deeply into the material facts underlying clients’ claims. We work closely with industry experts – such as structural engineers – to counter bogus insurance company claims (such as that damage owed to improper construction rather than what was clearly repercussions from a high-intensity storm).

If you are involved in an insurance dispute, there is no need to feel helpless when confronted by an insurer that refuses to perform. A proven insurance attorney with a demonstrated record of advocacy on behalf of homeowners can intercede on your behalf and aggressively promote your legal rights and best interests.