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What are valid reasons to deny a life insurance claim?

Many Oklahoma residents are struggling with legal situations having to do with life insurance. Perhaps you can relate to such situations from first-hand experience or because you have been helping your aging parent address long-term care needs. Life insurance companies often try to deny claims. The question you must answer if this happens to your family is whether the denial was for a valid reason. 

Recent storms yield state of emergency in Oklahoma

The most relevant term concerning storm systems that move across Oklahoma is unquestionably “across.” Oklahoma is frequently a venue for nasty weather patterns that affect cities, towns and agricultural enclaves from one end of the state to the other. Widespread storms understandably pack a big punch, bringing the ready potential to inflict heavy damage relevant to both human life and property.

What does credit insurance entail and protect against?

At least a portion of the answer to the above-posed blog headline can be supplied from a single sentence in our immediately preceding post relevant to all types of insurance. We noted in our October 12 entry at Mansell, Engel & Cole that “the essential idea and thrust of insurance is clear enough: its purpose is to protect against loss and risk.”

Debt cancellation coverage: a look at credit insurance

Insurance coverage is simultaneously one of the most complex yet simple business offerings. On the one hand, we all know that a policy is going to feature pages of fine-print legalese, coupled with riders, exclusions and other qualifying factors. Many of those ultimately catch policyholders in Oklahoma and elsewhere by surprise, resulting in unanticipated detriment. That is true regardless of the type of insurance involved.

Why was my life insurance claim denied?

Purchasing life insurance is like providing a safety net for your family. For many in Oklahoma, a life insurance policy is the only way they can affordably assist their loved ones if they should pass away. In fact, your loved one may have offered an act of kindness for you by purchasing a life insurance policy that named you as the beneficiary.

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