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Insurer can’t perform in wake of massive fire; taken over by state

Catastrophic events always test the mettle of an insurance company, whether in Oklahoma or elsewhere. Indeed, it is often in the wake of something like a massive tornado or hurricane that an insurer is truly tested. Will it proactively and timely respond to legitimate policyholder concerns? Will it pay claims in a full and prompt manner?

Long-term care in the home provides many advantages

As you grow older, you may dread the thought that someday you may become ill or otherwise unable to care for yourself well enough to remain in your home. In addition to the cost of nursing home care, other factors may upset you, such as your sentimental attachment to your home, the fear of isolation, and the loss of control over your environment and your belongings.

Report: insurers confuse, intimidate policyholders seeking care

Increasingly, and sadly, Americans are approaching the front doors of emergency care centers across the country more concerned about their pocketbooks than they are with the medical conditions immediately confronting them. And that often rings true even when their symptoms are clearly serious or even life-threatening.

Rising care costs for Oklahomans make insurers’ performance key

People across the country argue all the time about national issues they regard as important. Opinions are strong and often sharply divided these days spanning topics ranging from trade tariffs and criminal law policies to national security and climate change.

Residents, officials dealing with eastern Oklahoma tornadoes

The final day of November was anything but kind to many Oklahoma residents in in the east central part of the state. Residential occupants and business owners across a swath of counties were hit by multiple tornadoes, which reaped considerable property damage over a broad area.

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