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Rising care costs for Oklahomans make insurers’ performance key

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2018 | Denied Insurance Claims

People across the country argue all the time about national issues they regard as important. Opinions are strong and often sharply divided these days spanning topics ranging from trade tariffs and criminal law policies to national security and climate change.

Although it can seem hard to find even one issue that a clear majority of Americans largely agree upon, that is really not the case.

We would offer up this single query for consideration to support that view: Do you believe that health care costs are reasonable and affordable for most families?

In fact, they are not, and that is a flat reality. From Maine to California, care costs eat up family income and savings, demanding ever-higher contributions.

Consider Oklahoma. A recent report from Tulsa Public Radio states that, while most Americans suffer greatly from care outlays, Oklahomans fare worse than most. Reportedly, policy premiums and deductibles erode an average family’s income by 13% every month. Most families across the state have close to $8,000 in annual out-of-pocket expenses.

Few other states have such an exaction, says one researcher, who calls Oklahoma’s required care outlay “one of the highest in the country.”

When individuals and families routinely part with an appreciable percentage of their wealth to ensure protection against sickness and disease, they rightly expect that their insurers will honor their contractual performance obligations. When they don’t, policyholders can face financial and health-linked calamity.

We have had a single focus for decades at the Oklahoma City pro-policyholders’ law firm of Mansell, Engel & Cole. Namely, that has been to fight passionately on behalf of individuals and families to ensure that insurers do respond to claims in good faith.

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