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Insurance reality: notably small check for legitimate claim

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2019 | Insurance

Let us count the ways.

That an insurance company often seeks to thwart policyholders’ expectations, that is, specifically concerning paltry check amounts that don’t remotely compensate for actual damages suffered.

That happens of course, and with enough regularity to induce a huge collective headache for claimants who only expect to be treated fairly.

The strategies that insurers acting in bad faith employ to avoid making full and prompt payment on legitimate claims are many and varied. We spotlight them on our pro-policyholders’ website at the Oklahoma City law firm of Mansell, Engel & Cole. They include tactics like these:

  • Denial lacking an ethical or lawful basis
  • Delayed payment, often in hopes that an insured will simply give up or settle for pennies on the dollar
  • Refusal to defend when the duty to do so is clear

And, of course, there is that above-cited underpayment. That is often standard strategy for select bad-faith industry operators.

That response is both disrespectful of and frustrating for policyholders who have fulfilled their contractual duties and subsequently call upon a long-profiting insurer to do the same in the wake of a covered loss.

We highlight on our website some underpayment examples that are common in the insurance industry. One of them involves an insurer undercutting you on the grounds that your in-facility hospital expenses are not aligned with “usual and customary charges.” Another underscores those cases where an insurance company flatly refuses to pay what a contractor reasonably believes is a proper billing for post-loss remedial work.

Individual and family policyholders with concerns regarding an insurer’s performance can contact a proven pro-claimants’ law firm for guidance and aggressive legal representation.