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Bad faith not even an arguable proposition in this insurance matter

A federal judge recently decided to bypass a jury’s input on a key question relevant to an insurance dispute. Instead, the court ruled in a summary judgment outcome that an insurer clearly acted in bad faith in its treatment of a policyholder’s claim.

Why did my homeowner's insurer deny my claim?

In the early weeks of tornado season, you may have been among those unfortunate homeowners who saw recent storms passing through your neighborhood. Like many in Oklahoma, you know how dangerous and destructive these storms can be, and you have done the right thing by preparing for the worst and purchasing homeowner's insurance to cover any damage your home might incur.

What is insurance policy rescission, and is it a legal practice?

As a logical lead-in to the above-posed blog headline query, we ask our readers across Oklahoma and elsewhere to consider the following facts. And please note that they are indeed facts and not something merely hypothetical to make a point. The following story is true, and not something that is particularly shocking in the annals of insurance company-linked tales.

Cancer survivor now focuses on insurers’ accountability, performance

A cancer survivor underscores in a recent article a truth that is deeply acknowledged by legions of individuals across the country fighting potentially deadly illnesses. She simply notes that they “don’t have the luxury of time or the energy to play insurers’ games.”

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