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Fight of her life – against her insurance company

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2019 | Denied Insurance Claims

When you are facing daunt challenges linked with a cancer diagnosis, you obviously want to deal with that trial absent the need to waste precious energy on additional matters.

Like a nonstop stream of hassle from your insurance company.

That was precisely what the writer of one recent media piece chronicling her experience with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma experienced with her insurer.

Her heart-rending tale of bureaucratic inertia, callousness and almost deadly delay tactics is, sadly, far from being a rarity in the annals of insurance tales. She says she was “dumbfounded” upon discovering just how common it is for insurance companies to reject physicians’ prescribed treatment plans, even when they are well recognized and proven to be maximally effective.

That individual’s fight with her insurer as she simultaneously battled a serious disease is something that many people in Oklahoma and nationally can readily identify with. Their struggles to receive authorization enabling needed care are often monumental, even when they have fully complied in good faith with their contractual duties as policyholders.

The above writer states that it feels like insurers “callously bet that cancer patients will give up without a fight,” simply caving in to delays and denials. Thankfully for her, she fought back by appealing to insurance regulators and ultimately received the treatment she needed.

Sometimes individuals simply have to gird up for a battle with their insurers concerning a claim and vitally needed treatment. Proven pro-policyholders’ insurance law attorneys can provide diligent and aggressive representation aimed at helping them fully secure their rights.