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Consequences pile up in aftermath of recent storm activity

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | Insurance Disputes

Oklahoma has unquestionably been the epicenter of powerful storms that have ripped across wide corridors of the United States in recent weeks.

State residents are well accustomed to violent swings of weather. What has transpired recently is flatly notable, though. Large swaths of Oklahoma have been ravaged by tornadoes, flooding and “other storm-linked calamities” that we referenced in a recent blog post.

We noted in our Mansell, Engel & Cole June 10 blog entry Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to the state earlier this month. The VP assured residents that federal aid will freely flow to Oklahoma locales upended by storm damage.

Pence’s visit was preceded by strong words and actions from the Oklahoma Department of Insurance late last month. The agency punctuated its commitment to policyholders, warning insurance companies to “not use the recent adverse weather as a catalyst for making any material changes to existing policies.” Department commissioner Glen Mulready stated that, “This is the time that storm victims need their insurance company to be on their side.”

That certainly continues to be the case. The claw back from extensive damage will take considerable time and effort before material changes can be seen.

It was announced just earlier this week that four new counties have been added to 17 others previously designated as disaster areas. Cherokee, Le Flore, Noble and Nowata counties are now also eligible to receive federal funding for rebuilding efforts.