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Just how common, serious are Oklahoma insurance disputes?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2019 | Insurance Disputes

Aggrieved Oklahoma insurance policyholders don’t live in a vacuum, of course, but they understandably have a limited picture regarding their claim disputes with insurers.

That is, they have don’t command a firm grasp concerning where their claim resides on a continuum of singular-versus-common. Is their complaint focused on some concern that few other policyholders readily share and can instantly identify with? Conversely, might they think their unresolved issue is a rarity, when in fact it a widely shared problem among policyholders?

Here’s a piece of data relevant to dispute considerations in Oklahoma that readily speaks to the uncertainty and, in doing so, seems to just about leap off the page.

To wit: The state’s Insurance Department Assistance/Claims Division reportedly received 7,110 phone calls during the first half of this year from residents complaining about an insurance matter.

Extrapolated, that equates to an astounding almost-40 calls every single day.

That number alone should go far toward educating consumers as to where they stand when they come forward with a policy-linked complaint. They are far from alone in doing so.

There are other telling numbers and statistics, as well. The above-cited claims unit states that it has already recovered twice the amount of money thus far this year for policyholders alleging insurers’ nonperformance than it did during all of 2018.

Insurers’ questionable claim responses or actions that reasonably point to bad faith concerning a policy determination are far from isolated occurrences. In fact, they are exceedingly common, and we stress from decades of collective pro-policyholders’ advocacy at the Oklahoma City insurance law firm of Mansell, Engel & Cole that they extend across myriad types of coverage.

We welcome contacts to our firm from individuals and families facing challenges from their insurance companies. It is our privilege to diligently represent them in matters involving claim denials and disputes.