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Policyholders in the middle in insurer-provider disputes

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2019 | Insurance Disputes

We suspect that most readers of our Oklahoma pro-policyholders’ insurance law blog have heard disturbing stories about unforeseen medical charges. Many of you have perhaps been presented with unexpected health care bills.

State legislators and national lawmakers duly note that. The publication Consumer Reports notes that “protections from surprise medical bills are gaining momentum around the country and on Capitol Hill.”

Legions of individuals and families unquestionably endorse reform. They view it as an imperative and an overdue necessity. About 40% of surveyed Americans say that they’ve been blindsided by outsized provider bills within the past two years.

They thought a service was fully covered, but it wasn’t. They are often told that emergency treatment they sought was unnecessary. That unwelcome news is frequently accompanied by an insurer’s determination that delivered care was out of network,

Those collective factors can leave an individual or family in dire straits. Policyholders can easily get caught between a provider demanding a prohibitively high payment and an insurer refusing to respond to it.

As noted above, there has been some pro-consumer movement on the matter. Consumer Reports notes a proliferation of protections for policyholders that are being adopted in various states. It also spotlights bipartisan federal legislation “to combat surprise medical bills that’s swiftly moving through Congress this summer.”

Relief is sorely needed. We strongly support reform measures at Mansell, Engel & Cole. We also welcome contacts to our law firm from policyholders needing proven legal representation in insurance dispute matters.