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What do you need to file a claim for bad faith insurance?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2019 | Insurance Disputes

When you pay for insurance coverage, you expect that the insurance company will provide the coverage as agreed in your contract. However, insurance companies are more interested in their bottom lines than your well-being, and sometimes, they may refuse to pay for a claim. In some cases, this is grounds to take legal action against the insurance provider.

Insurance companies have more experience, more legal power and more resources than you do. This can make it very difficult to settle a claim or get what you deserve after making a claim. Sometimes, a denied or delayed claim is the result of a provider acting unreasonably. This is called bad faith insurance, and while frustrating, there are ways you can take action and fight for what you need from your insurance company.

Do you have a claim?

Some people who are dealing with bad faith insurance matters have the option to file a claim against their providers. The legal definition of bad faith depends on state laws, but you could have a valid claim if the following apply to your situation:

  • The insurance company withheld benefits from you that you believe it owes to you according to your policy.
  • The reason the insurance company withheld benefits from you is unreasonable.

In many cases, bad faith insurance takes the form of an insurance company’s refusal to properly investigate a claim, process the claim as promised by the terms of the agreement or pay your claim as it should. You may have grounds to file a bad faith insurance claim if the insurance company refused to acknowledge your claim, misrepresented facts about your policy to you, refused to properly investigate your claim or did not give a reasonable explanation for denying your claim.

Confronting tactics used by insurance companies

If you believe that you are the victim of unfair or unreasonable tactics employed by your insurance company, you can fight back. Bad faith insurance tactics are unacceptable, and you have the right to take whatever legal steps are appropriate to secure coverage of your claim.

An experienced Oklahoma insurance attorney can help you protect your rights and move forward after a denied claim. A complete assessment of your case is a smart first step for you, allowing you to see what legal options may be available to you and how you can hold your insurance provider responsible for bad faith practices.