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Yes, Oklahomans know a thing or two about earthquakes

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2019 | Insurance Disputes

“I Feel the Earth Move” is a classic Carole King-penned pop song of a generation ago.

Some Oklahoma residents might have flashed back on it recently when, a couple of Sundays back, earthquake temblors announced their always-scary presence in their locale of the state.

That locale was actually multiple and broad-based, extending from Quinton (about 120 miles southeast of Oklahoma City) to Buffalo (150 miles northwest of the capital).

Earthquakes are of course top-tier events that always command attention and dominate the news. The recently reported ones described above weren’t particularly noteworthy (no confirmed injuries) but they were, well … evident.

And that is always concerning, especially regarding public safety and property damage. Unquestionably, an earthquake of appreciable size has the capacity to unleash devastation in a manner virtually unrivaled by any other natural calamity.

Some people might reasonably think that earthquakes are rare in Oklahoma.

They’re not. A recent Insurance Journal articles notes that there have been “thousands of earthquakes in Oklahoma in recent years.” They are often linked to underground oil/gas operations.

The pro-policyholders’ Oklahoma City insurance law firm of Mansell, Engel & Cole duly stresses that earthquakes are hardly the only agent of natural disaster to occasionally challenge homeowners and business principals. We properly spotlight on our website the “other disasters” that can wreak considerable damage and spur good-faith recovery claims against insurers.

In Oklahoma, those of course feature tornadoes, which are a common occurrence. They also include fires, hail, violent storms and flooding.

Our firm’s deep legal team diligently promotes the legal rights and interests of diverse and valued policyholder clients under all those scenarios. We welcome contacts to our law offices from individuals and families facing claim-linked challenges from insurance companies.