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The universe of insurance bad faith is both broad and varied

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | Insurance Disputes

Our first order of business in today’s Mansell, Engel & Cole blog post is a heartfelt communication to our readers residing in Oklahoma and elsewhere across the country.

Namely, we want to express our gratitude and appreciation for your online visits and perusal of our pro-policyholder insurance law pieces.

Our longstanding and proven Oklahoma City law firm has been posting for several years now, with each of our entries seeking to provide readers with topical information that is personally relevant to them and their families. Our goal is to serve as a first-line and trusted resource for would-be and actual clients seeking to obtain justice and promote their best interests in insurance-linked disputes and denials.

Having said that, we take a moment here to wish all visitors to our site a Happy New Year and productive 2020.

Concededly, every new year offers both promise and potential pitfalls, with the latter necessitating due protection and a strong response to damages and/or injuries suffered in the wake of an adverse event.

Readers know well what we’re referencing here, especially from the perspective of a website that focuses upon policyholders’ rights sought to be exercised pursuant to an insurable claim.

We’re talking storm damage to homes and businesses. We’re spotlighting badly needed assistance in health care matters. We’re underscoring receipt of long-term care benefits, disability and life insurance coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and many additional matters.

The bottom line concerning an insurer’s unjustifiable blowback in a claim matter is twofold. First, and as is readily evidenced above, the world of insurance coverage/claims is impressively varied and expansive. And second, conduct that seeks in bad faith to delay, underpay or deny an individual or family the full contractual benefits of a policy is flatly taboo, regardless of the subject matter at hand.

Insurance companies are lawfully held to a standard of care and comportment. A deep legal team of knowledgeable and experienced insurance law attorneys can help ensure that they act accordingly in claim matters.