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What if your home insurance won’t pay for damage after a storm?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2020 | Denied Insurance Claims

Oklahoma is no stranger to severe weather and damaging storms. In mid-October, a massive ice storm struck the Sooner state, toppling trees and leaving thousands of homes with structural and roof damage. In the spring, summer and fall, tornadoes and severe thunderstorms can rip through Oklahoma neighborhoods, sometimes wiping out homes entirely or leaving them with serious damage.

However, it isn’t unusual for homeowners to have their homeowners’ insurance claims denied, even after a devastating storm. Here are some reasons homeowners face having their insurance claim denied:

  1. Your homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover the damage. If the damage was the result of floodwaters or water or sewer backup, those may not be covered under your homeowner’s policy.
  2. You didn’t include enough information to document the damage your home incurred.
  3. You didn’t file your insurance claim in a timely manner. You need to know how long your policy gives homeowners to file a claim on their policy.
  4. The damage is more from wear or tear than from storm damage. You already may have needed a new roof after 30 years. An adjuster may decide that your roof’s wear and tear are more the result of age than from a recent hailstorm or windstorm.
  5. Your damage doesn’t exceed your deductible. Many homeowners have opted for higher deductibles to keep their homeowners’ insurance premiums lower. If the damage to your home doesn’t exceed your deductible amount, you’ll have to pay the costs to fix the damage on your own.

If you face having a homeowner’s insurance claim denied, you can appeal. You should seek the help of an experienced attorney, who can help you manage an appeal and gather the evidence needed for a claim approval. If you feel your insurance company’s adjuster failed to value your claim properly, you also might need the help of attorney. Your home likely is your largest investment. It can be worth it to ensure you get a damage claim approved or proper compensation for a damage claim.