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Three reasons why you need to get a fair insurance settlement

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2021 | Insurance

The aftermath of a car accident can be stressful. After all, if you’re in this situation now then you’re probably struggling to find a way to pay for your recovery, secure financial stability, and deal with your emotional trauma all while you’re trying to cope with your physical pain and suffering. It’s a difficult road, but it can be made significantly easier when you’re able to recover compensation for your accident.

The sad reality, though, is that this means that you’ll have to rely on an insurance company to provide you with the compensation that you deserve, which is rarely an easy feat. In most car accident cases, an insurance company will quickly step in to try to settle the matter. It can certainly be tempting to take one of these offers, but before doing so you’ll want to make sure that you realize the importance of getting a fair settlement.

  1. Your medical bills may be more costly than you think: Before you can determine whether an insurance company’s settlement offer is fair and in your best interests, you should have a complete understanding of your medical expenses. This certainly includes any bills that you’ve already incurred as a result of your accident, but it also encompasses your expected medical bills. Therefore, you’ll want to speak with your doctor to learn more about your prognosis and your need for future medical treatment. Armed with that information, you’ll better position yourself for receiving a fair settlement offer. If you don’t get a fair offer, then you could be facing financial devastation when your medical bills come due.
  2. You may be out of work for a long time: Your accident injuries could have long-lasting implications for your ability to work. This means that your income may be significantly reduced in both the short and the long-term. Before making a decision about an insurance company’s settlement offer, ensure that you have a clear understanding of the wages that you’ve already lost, your expected lost wages, and any lost earnings capacity to which you may be subjected.
  3. You want full accountability: Remember, an insurance company is not on your side. Its primary objective is to get out of your case by paying as little as possible. This means that most first offers made by insurance companies are extremely low. They’re simply trying to see if they can dupe you into accepting far less than you’re owed. But if an insurance company is responsible for compensating you for your losses, then you should make sure that you find accountability, This means ensuring that you receive a fair settlement. So, know the facts of your case, what your claim is worth, and how best to navigate the negotiation process so that you can achieve the outcome that is right for you.

Confidently navigate your insurance case

It can be maddening to deal with an insurance company. They may delay your claim, try to pay you less than you’re owed, or deny your claim altogether. These practices are inappropriate in many instances, but you don’t have to just sit back and let the insurance company dictate how your case is going to play out. Instead, you can take control of your case and lead it toward the resolution that you deserve.

We know that can be a stressful endeavor to think about, but you don’t have to navigate the process on your own. This is because skilled legal teams like the one at our firm stand ready to help you fight to ensure that you get the fair insurance settlement that you need to get through this tough time in your life.