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The impact of denied disability for primary income earners

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2022 | Denied Insurance Claims

When a disability claim is denied for a primary income earner, it can put everything at risk. Because of that, you should be familiar with how to fight back when you believe you have suffered an unfair disability insurance denial.

What to do when disability has been denied

If you are the primary income earner responsible for supporting yourself and your family in Oklahoma, and you become disabled, you may expect that your disability insurance policy will help take care of you and your family. When your disability insurance claim is denied, it can potentially lead to a whole host of problems for you.

When a primary income earner becomes disabled and is unable to work, they may rely on a disability insurance policy. If those benefits are not paid, you may have difficulty paying for your daily needs, which can be stressful. As bills begin to pile up, you may also worry about bankruptcy and other stressful financial situations that are created because of the claim denial.

For that reason, it is helpful to know what you may be able to do about a denied insurance claim and some of the reasons it is denied. The insurance company may claim that the policyholder does not meet the definition of  disability or is missing medical records; it may claim that the insured had a pre-existing condition causing the disability and provided inaccurate information on their application; or that the doctor for the insurance company does not confirm the disability.

Another reason why you may be denied benefits is if your condition is being blamed on fatigue or on your weight. Additionally, an insurer may try to deny your claim for disability insurance if the origin of your medical condition is unknown or you have a medical condition not covered by the insurer. A pending medical procedure or if your doctor never resolved your treatment may also lead to a denied claim.

If you believe your claim is being denied in bad faith, you may have a bad faith insurance claim against the insurer. It is essential to understand how this important legal resource may be able to help obtain the disability insurance benefits you need.