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Resolving a denied tornado damage claim

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2022 | Denied Insurance Claims, Insurance Disputes

Tornados can hit just about any time of year in Oklahoma. A tornado struck southeastern Oklahoma as recently as November 5. The tornado destroyed homes and businesses and caused one fatality.

Tornadoes are incredibly destructive. Many homeowners in Oklahoma purchase homeowner’s insurance with tornado coverage. Still, sometimes insurance companies wrongfully deny claims for coverage of tornado damages.

Steps to take if your tornado damage claim is denied

You can take certain steps to protect your interest if your tornado damage claim is denied.

You can review your policy to ensure you understand the details of tornado damage coverage against which you are insured. This way, you can be prepared with the right information to contest a claim that was denied.

Your homeowner’s insurance policy also likely states what you should do if you want to appeal a denial. Following these steps can be key in remedying your denied claim.

Your insurer will likely send you a letter stating that your claim was denied along with an explanation for the denial. You can try discussing the situation with your insurer if your claim was denied. You may be able to work out a settlement allowing for coverage of your property damages caused by the tornado.

You can get an independent appraisal of the damages the tornado caused to your property. An independent appraisal can reveal whether the insurer’s decision is too low. It can also give you an advantage if you are trying to obtain the full amount that the insurance company owes you.

Finally, you can file a claim with the state and contact an attorney if all other efforts to obtain the compensation fail. Sometimes, taking legal action is the only way to resolve the situation.