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How do you know your insurance company acted in bad faith?

When you purchased an insurance policy for your car, your home or your life, among others, you agreed to make periodic payments in exchange for the peace of mind that if you file a claim after an accident, injury or damage to your property, the insurance company would be there to provide you with financial assistance you need.

Understanding your long-term care insurance policy

Purchasing long-term care insurance may have given you a certain amount of peace of mind. After all, about 70 percent of older Americans eventually need some form of extended care, whether it is following an injury, surgery or lengthy illness. Now that you are approaching retirement, you may want to review your coverage to avoid a claim denial at the worst possible time.

Don't be shaken if an earthquake hits: Know what to do beforehand

Nowadays, it's growing more and more common to hear stories of natural disasters occurring in Oklahoma or elsewhere in the nation. You may have already experienced crazy weather where it's warm at one part of the day then drops to near-freezing temperatures just hours later. You may be one of many who have taken to carrying several types of clothing in your car to accommodate any unexpected changes you might encounter during your travels.

Uninsured motorists can disrupt your life

In Oklahoma and nearly every other state, driving without minimum insurance coverage is against the law. Insurance provides assistance in paying for property damage and injuries following a car accident. Because Oklahoma is an at-fault state, the driver who is determined to be responsible for the accident is the one whose insurance covers the damages.

Managing your parent's long-term care claim

As your mom or dad ages, you may be noticing signs of a decline in health. You may have expected this if conditions such as Alzheimer's run in your family or if your loved one has already received a diagnosis of a degenerative or debilitating disease. If you and your parent investigated the benefits of long-term care insurance, you may feel relieved to have that policy in place as your loved one's needs change.

Life insurance claim denials are rare but devastating

Death is something everyone must face but few like to think about. It is difficult to let your mind go to the possibilities that might end your life or the circumstances that might take you from your loved ones. However, if your spouse cared enough to consider these things and prepared for that moment by purchasing a life insurance policy to protect you, you may have felt comforted that, at the very least, your financial needs would be met during a difficult time.

When the earth moves but your insurance company won't

Whether man-made or from natural causes, earthquakes raise alarm and anxiety. For those who live in Oklahoma, the rumblings of earth are daily events. In fact, the frequency of human-induced earthquakes is on the rise, and a recent geological study warns that almost 3 million people will probably experience the effects of a human-induced earthquake of sizable magnitude in the near future.

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