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Blowback on this court’s insurance-linked decision unsurprising

We delved into a judicial decision involving an insurance policy in a post from last month, noting that many people would find fault with it and question the heavy onus it seemingly places upon policyholders. Our October 26 entry stressed that, while insureds certainly must familiarize themselves with key policy points, they can hardly be expected to grasp fine-print subject matter equally as well as insurance industry experts.

Court frowns on insurer’s ambiguous wording in damage claim

Insurers love words. That is evident from scrutiny of virtually any insurance policy ever created. Drafters take fundamental clauses and expand them through clarifiers, exclusionary phrasing, footnotes and riders. They bury language in pages of fine print.

A continuing look at commercial liability insurance

Say that you’re a smart and proactive Oklahoma entrepreneur who is hardly the type to leave business risks unaddressed. You flatly know that adverse possibilities need to be flagged and fully protected against through appropriate insurance coverage.

What is commercial liability insurance coverage?

Unquestionably, the insurance umbrella is expansive and varied. That is, insureds seek protection against both known and unforeseeable risk across a broad realm that, if unguarded against, can reap devastating consequences. Imagine a cancer diagnosis for a patient lacking any type of health coverage. How could a homeowner lacking insurance protection carry on in the wake of a major fire or storm damage?

Controversial then, controversial now: insurer’s program rolled out

A program just rolled out by mega-insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield in Texas is certain to garner closest attention in Oklahoma and other states. The initiative, which targets emergency room visits by insured policyholder, has been termed “deeply contentious” and “intimidating” by critics.

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