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Doctor makes point by refusing to work with “antagonistic” insurer

An insurance company is engaging in far from neutral behavior in its repeated refusals to authorize necessary treatment for his patient, says a doctor in one state. Rather, its actions are purposefully antagonistic. Moreover, the doctor (a psychologist) states that they are endangering the patient.

Report: insurers confuse, intimidate policyholders seeking care

Increasingly, and sadly, Americans are approaching the front doors of emergency care centers across the country more concerned about their pocketbooks than they are with the medical conditions immediately confronting them. And that often rings true even when their symptoms are clearly serious or even life-threatening.

Rising care costs for Oklahomans make insurers’ performance key

People across the country argue all the time about national issues they regard as important. Opinions are strong and often sharply divided these days spanning topics ranging from trade tariffs and criminal law policies to national security and climate change.

Blowback on this court’s insurance-linked decision unsurprising

We delved into a judicial decision involving an insurance policy in a post from last month, noting that many people would find fault with it and question the heavy onus it seemingly places upon policyholders. Our October 26 entry stressed that, while insureds certainly must familiarize themselves with key policy points, they can hardly be expected to grasp fine-print subject matter equally as well as insurance industry experts.

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