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With health insurance, a delay may be as bad as a denial

Health care and how to pay for it is top of mind for nearly everyone in Oklahoma and the rest of the country right now. The political realities of the issue make it so. But if you or a loved one is on the receiving end of a diagnosis for some major illness that requires significant, long-running treatment, the issue takes on a sense of urgency.

Resilient home construction and Oklahoma insurance

In the past on our insurance blog, we have discussed homeowners insurance and cases related to the damage of tornadoes in particular. Oklahoma tornadoes have caused significant damage to homes in the past, and will more than likely continue to do so in the future. 

We know risks of distracted driving; what about insurance impact?

If you are reading this blog post, it is probable you are reading it on your cell phone. People use their phones for all kinds of daily activities such as logging steps, listening to music, navigating to lunch, reading the news and even getting legal advice. 

Commercial liability insurance should protect your business

Creating, owning and/or running a business doesn't come easy. It takes sacrifice, focus, hard work and strategy. Protecting the life of a business isn't just about the business plan and day-to-day processes. It also can be about insurance protection. 

Drilling practices demand specific earthquake insurance question

As you know, there are multiple kinds of insurance that Oklahoma residents will utilize in their lives. There is car insurance, health insurance, homeowner's insurance, life insurance, etc. And many Oklahomans in particular now regularly consider another special type of insurance: earthquake insurance.

When your insurance company wears you down

You paid your premiums faithfully, even after they went up for whatever reason. While it may have been a while since you read over your policy, you are confident you know what the insurance company has agreed to cover if you should ever make a claim. When they pay the appropriate amount of a claim on time and without hassle, they have acted in "good faith." They have taken your money with every intention of keeping their end of the bargain.

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