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When insurers deny claims for hail damage

Roof damage from hail is incredibly common in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, it is also fairly common for insurance companies to deny claims when families claim coverage for the damages to their home. Oftentimes, these denials are made in "bad faith," meaning the insurance company should not legally have reason to deny your coverage. Do not try to shoulder the cost of home repair just because your claim was denied. Here's what you should do instead.

Denied insurance claims like this one often lead to legal battles

A man in another state filed a claim in federal court to collect disability benefits. In Oklahoma and other jurisdictions, this is a common practice for anyone unable to work due to injury or illness. The insurance company involved in this particular situation has been accused of wrongfully rejecting the man's claim. Denied insurance claims are often complicated matters that require skilled investigation and representation to successfully resolve.

Taking action against denied insurance claims

It is imperative that insurance policyholders in Oklahoma and all other states understand their rights and responsibilities regarding their policies. Denied insurance claims are not always valid; many insurance companies act in bad faith and refuse to provide coverage policyholders are due. A key factor in seeking a swift resolution to such problems is knowing how to appeal denied claims.

What to do when your insurance company denies or delays your claim

Insurance is supposed to be there to make us whole when an unforeseen event damages our home or business. Because more than 50 tornadoes per year strike Oklahoma, people in the area pay the highest homeowners premiums in the nation.

Prove your condition is 'medically necessary' to insurers

If most of us could, we would avoid seeing the doctor and having any medical procedures or treatments done. An ideal world would mean we and our children are healthy all of the time. In an ideal world, health insurance wouldn't be so confusing or as expensive.

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