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One key step unmentioned in this response-to-denial analysis

Aggrieved consumers in Oklahoma and nationally are hardly without resources when they turn for information concerning purposeful actions to take in the wake of insurance company denials. A simple online search query yields scores of websites addressing that issue in some fashion.

ER care reimbursement denied to many thousands of veterans

Military veterans in Oklahoma and nationally incur more emergency care-linked expenses than do other demographics. That is understandable, of course, given the nature of their service, past performance in combat areas and other factors.

Recurrent question: What losses will insurance protect against?

We spotlighted the instantly scary word “temblor” in a recent Mansell, Engel & Cole blog post. We noted in our August 23 entry that temblors -- those earthquake-defining ground shakes that are never forgotten once experienced – are “top tier events that always command attention and dominate the news.”

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