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Controversial then, controversial now: insurer’s program rolled out

A program just rolled out by mega-insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield in Texas is certain to garner closest attention in Oklahoma and other states. The initiative, which targets emergency room visits by insured policyholder, has been termed “deeply contentious” and “intimidating” by critics.

Does my insurance cover that?

Driving a car may be routine for most people, but it’s never predictable. A daily commute might include merging traffic, broken stoplights, animals crossing the street, children at play, or loose debris falling from a truck. That’s just a shortlist of possible issues. There are no limits to what might happen as you travel.

Bad faith case spotlights UIM insurance, adjuster’s conduct

Well, here’s a case that seems likely to boil the blood of many readers who zero on its details. It’s not hard to immediately empathize with the aggrieved policyholder in the below-related story or don a “that could have been me attitude” when weighing its merits.

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