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About Us

Mansell & Engel is an Oklahoma law firm dedicated to representing policyholders and their businesses nationwide against insurance companies that have wrongly denied their claims. Our firm was first established in downtown Oklahoma City in 1994 and has more than a century of combined insurance litigation experience. This experience includes working as in-house counsel for an insurance company and participating in numerous jury trials. Our firm was the first in the state to focus exclusively on first-party insurance disputes. For more than 20 years, we have litigated and tried insurance cases that helped define and develop Oklahoma “bad faith” law in insurance litigation.

We Are Recognized Leaders In Insurance Litigation

Our attorneys have been selected to sit on the court’s rule-making committees and to work in the review and formulation of Oklahoma’s Uniform Jury Instructions, insurance legislation and regulations, and other legal drafting. We have presented important legislative issues to the governor, legislative committees and individual legislative members on behalf of Oklahoma’s trial lawyers.

Every member of our firm has also lectured and sat on panels at educational and association seminars to address insurance litigation issues. One member spent 10 years as Amicus Curiae chairman, researching and briefing important cases on behalf of Oklahoma’s trial lawyers association.

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Our Reputation At Trial Drives Results

Mansell & Engel brings the highest standards of quality and professional proficiency to insurance litigation. In fact, over the last 20 years, the vast majority of our cases were referred by other lawyers who trusted their clients’ insurance cases to us.

In insurance litigation, it is a simple fact that the insurance companies and their defense counsel know which lawyers can and will successfully try jury cases against them. In order to maximize the recovery in your insurance case, it is critical that you work with attorneys with the ability, work ethic and reputation to succeed.

Most people prefer a good settlement. At Mansell & Engel, reputation among insurance companies increases the likelihood that your case will settle — and will settle for a greater amount. We develop and prepare your case for presentation to a jury, ensuring that we negotiate on your behalf from a position of strength.

Call 405-212-5921 or email Mansell & Engel today for a free consultation. We only charge a fee if we are successful in recovering compensation for you.