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Helping Clients Obtain Commercial Liability Insurance Benefits

If your company has a commercial general liability (CGL) policy, and an individual or business decides to pursue a claim against your company, you naturally expect the CGL policy to protect you. You expect your own insurance company to stand up and defend your company’s financial interests as promised.

However, like many business owners, you may find that your insurance company refuses to defend or indemnify you. This means that it refuses to fight someone else’s claim against your business or fails to properly compensate you for your losses.

In such a case, turn to Mansell & Engel in Oklahoma. Since our firm’s founding in 1994, we have become widely recognized as industry leaders and skilled litigators. No insurance dispute is too complex for our law firm to handle. Insurance companies throughout the U.S. know our name and reputation for results.

Don’t Let A Denied CGL Claim Endanger Your Business

One of the most important benefits of your CGL policy is that it requires your insurance company to defend your business against outside claims. For instance, if someone trips and falls on the steps leading up to your office building, that individual may file a premises liability claim against your business and seek financial compensation for his or her injuries.

Not only is your insurance company supposed to resolve this claim, but it is supposed to defend you and your business. It is responsible for negotiating and settling the claim and paying anything owed.

However, when your insurance carrier refuses to defend you or refuses to settle a claim against you, you are forced to bear the expenses yourself. This may threaten your business’s financial security and good name.

You can count on our team of attorneys to put their century of combined experience to work for you. We understand the stakes involved, and we will champion your cause.

Learn How We Can Help Keep Your Insurance Company Honest

Remember, even when questions arise regarding policy coverage, your insurance company is usually required to defend you. In other words, even if part of the claim against you is not covered by your CGL policy, your insurance company is likely still responsible for dealing with all the details and faithfully protecting your interests. We can make sure that it lives up to this responsibility.

Learn more in a free consultation with our lawyers. Call Mansell & Engel at 405-212-5921 or email our office in Oklahoma City. We handle all bad faith cases on a contingency fee basis.