Representing People With Denied Insurance Claims

Representing Homeowners With Denied Insurance Claims

In Oklahoma, 80%-90% of all homeowners insurance claims involve roof damage from tornadoes, hail and violent storms. However, fire, flooding and other disasters can also require an insurance company to fulfill its duties and provide financial relief.

Unfortunately, too many homeowners find themselves trapped in a stalemate with their insurance companies over denied claims, delayed claims and other types of “bad faith.”

If you find yourself in this difficult scenario, turn to Mansell, Engel & Cole. Since 1994, we have dedicated our practice exclusively to representing people like you in Oklahoma and surrounding states. Our attorneys handle homeowners insurance disputes over:

  • Wind and hail losses
  • Losses after a fire
  • Water-related damage
  • Losses after an earthquake or tornado
  • Collapse or structural damage
  • Other property damage losses due to natural disasters

When Insurance Adjusters And Contractors Don’t Agree

Typically, the insurance company will send one of its own adjusters to view your home. He or she will make an estimate of the damage and how much money you deserve for repairs.

The problem is that the actual contractor who is performing the work may not agree with the insurance adjuster’s estimate. The adjuster may say that only a small section of your roof needs repairing, for example, but the contractor may insist that it’s impossible to only fix one section — the entire roof needs to be replaced.

If reputable construction contractors believe that the cost to properly repair your house greatly exceeds what your insurance company is willing to pay, what are your options? Must you pay for the repairs out-of-pocket? Should you agree to substandard repair work in order to reduce the expense?

The first and most important thing you should do is learn about your legal rights. At Mansell, Engel & Cole, we will clearly explain your options under the law. Then, we will create a customized strategy for pursuing the benefits you paid for.

‘Ground Settling’ And ‘Deterioration’ Are Common Excuses

Another common issue in homeowners claims is that the insurance company adjuster or engineer will claim that the damage to your home is due to some other cause not covered by your policy. The company knows that it is required to pay for storm damage, for instance, so it hopes to lay the blame on something else. It may allege that the damage was caused by:

  • Improper workmanship when the house was built
  • Natural settling or shifting of the ground below the house
  • Long-term deterioration of roofing materials

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