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Fighting For The Long-Term Care Benefits You Need

If your doctor believes that you are in need of home health care services or that you require admittance to an assisted living center, your long-term care policy gives you the right to file a claim with your insurance company. However, you may find that actually receiving the benefits you paid for is harder than it looks.

That is where Mansell & Engel comes in. With more than a century of combined experience, our Oklahoma lawyers know how to successfully fight for the benefits you deserve. We have recovered millions of dollars for victims of unscrupulous insurance companies and developed a reputation for real results nationwide.

“I find great satisfaction in holding insurance companies accountable and helping ensure that they treat people fairly. Every case we win acts as a force to prevent the insurance companies from taking advantage of other individuals in the future.” — Attorney Mark A. Engel

A Denied Claim May Simply Be A Ploy

The insurance company’s typical strategy is to claim that you are not entitled to benefits because of the type of care you are receiving. This is often just a ploy for the company to save money. Some common reasons given for a denied claim include:

  • Nursing assessments do not show cognitive impairment or need for assistance with daily living
  • The nursing facility you selected does not fit the insurance company’s definition of a “nursing home”
  • The insurance company requires unreasonable documentation or offers an unreasonable interpretation of your insurance policy

The odds are that you are entitled to your long-term care benefits. That is the whole reason you carried the policy for so many years — so that now, when you need it, you could receive nursing care and assistance. Trust Mansell & Engel to be your strong advocate and stand up for your rights.

You May Be Eligible For Extra Money Called ‘Punitive Damages’

If your insurance company acted in bad faith and wrongly denied your claim, you are likely entitled to not only the policy benefits, but also punitive damages. These punitive damages are essentially extra money awarded to you in order to motivate the company to treat other policyholders fairly in the future.

Talk With One Of Our Attorneys Absolutely Free

For a free consultation about your long-term care insurance dispute and your legal rights, call Mansell & Engel at 405-212-5921. You can also email our Oklahoma City office. We only get paid if we are successful on your behalf, so you have nothing to lose.