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Understanding Your Options With An Underpaid Claim

The record shows that major insurance providers such as Allstate, State Farm and AIG have withheld millions of dollars from honest policyholders who needed money after an accident, loss, injury or a loved one’s death.

If you believe you have also been treated unfairly, consult with one of the highly experienced insurance lawyers at Mansell & Engel. From our Oklahoma City office, we represent clients across the state and nationwide. Our attorneys have successfully recovered millions of dollars for past clients, including:

  • Actual damages as a result of the failing to settle a claim or provide enough compensation
  • Costs associated with the loss or injury
  • Repairs associated with property damages

Is Your Insurance Company Offering Less To All Its Policyholders?

It is sometimes difficult to establish a bad faith case based solely on a disagreement over a dollar amount. If you believe you deserve $50,000, but the insurance carrier says you only deserve $40,000, you may have a contract claim but not a bad faith case.

However, if the underpayment is based on an improper practice that is affecting policyholders across the board, you may have a very strong case. Here is one example:

You are injured and end up in the hospital for several days, and the bill comes to tens of thousands of dollars. Yet your health insurance company reduces your benefits payment based on what it calls the “usual and customary” charge for the medical care you received.

Here is another example:

You are a homeowner or commercial property owner whose property was damaged by a tornado. You call a construction contractor to fix your house or building, but the contractor’s estimate of the repair cost is much greater than what your insurance company is willing to pay. The insurance company is only offering part of what it would actually take to restore your property.

Trust Us To Provide The Knowledgeable Advice You Need

Cases involving insurance bad faith can be incredibly complex and confusing. However, our attorneys know the laws, regulations, statutes and courts that may affect or influence your case. In fact, we are regularly asked to co-counsel with other lawyers on denied insurance claims.

Request a free case evaluation about an underpaid insurance claim today. Simply call Mansell & Engel at 405-212-5921 or email our firm. We only charge contingency fees, so you pay nothing upfront.