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Resolving Disputes Over Life And Disability Insurance Denials

In some cases, an insurance company will attempt to cancel a life insurance or disability insurance policy without a valid reason. Technically called “rescission,” this policy cancellation may have a widespread effect on your and your family’s well-being.

At Mansell & Engel in Oklahoma City, we understand what is at stake for you and those you love. Our priority is to help you successfully navigate this complex legal process and obtain the full coverage and benefits you deserve.

A Century Of Experience Combating Insurance Company Tactics

With more than 100 years of combined experience, our lawyers know how the courts work. We know how the law works. Most importantly, we know how the insurance companies work. Our knowledge is an invaluable benefit as we fight unfair coverage denials and other types of “bad faith.”

Denied claims are often based on an insurance carrier’s assertion that:

  • The policyholder provided inaccurate information on the application
  • The policyholder died in circumstances that were not covered by the policy
  • The death occurred before the policy was put into effect
  • The policyholder’s claim was never received

An Inaccurate Application Doesn’t Automatically Mean Your Family Loses Out

In Oklahoma, life insurance disputes often arise during the first two years after someone has purchased a policy. After two years, it is very difficult for an insurance company to get out of paying the promised benefits to the beneficiaries. During that two-year window, however, the company has the opportunity to challenge the application. It will typically go back through the health information the person provided and look for a way to claim he or she lied or left out important facts.

For instance, the company may see that the deceased person was taking medication for high blood pressure. It may then assert that the person failed to include “high blood pressure” as a health condition on the life insurance application, and therefore the application was invalid. The company will then use this excuse to avoid paying any money to the person’s beneficiaries.

Companies often contend that if there is inaccurate health information on an application, they automatically have the right to deny the claim and rescind the policy. This is not true.

Oklahoma law requires the insurance company to prove that the deceased person intentionally provided deceptive or inaccurate information. This means that it isn’t enough for the insurance company to show that a person failed to report a certain health condition — it must also have evidence that the person meant to do so.

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