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Insurer continues to take heat in wake of volcanic Hawaii blast

Hawaii’s huge Kilauea volcano violently erupted last year. The wake of that cataclysmic event has spawned continuous seismic activity, both natural and human-based. We touch upon the latter in today’s blog post.

We referenced Kilauea’s tirade in our July 31, 2018, entry, centrally noting the “mass ire and indignation” felt in its aftermath by scores of insured residents holding homeowners policies with Lloyd’s of London.

Insurance bad faith: a broad umbrella of possibilities

Some insurance law attorneys work exclusively and diligently on behalf of policyholders dealing with problematic insurers concerning virtually every type of coverage matter.

For many individuals and families, their insurance disputes spotlight issues relevant to health, long-term care, disability, personal/real property, vehicles and additional matters. Business owners, too, face policy-linked challenges, which routinely relate to claims concerning commercial liability and property insurance.

State regulators: we’re not putting up with this insurer’s conduct

“[C]harging consumers for policies that they weren’t even aware of.”

That insurer’s deplorable conduct was spotlighted by industry regulators in one state recently. We referenced the matter in our January 8 blog post, and turn to the key details of that story in today’s entry.

Bad faith writ large: Where did that insurance policy come from?

There are many fascinating – yet, for policyholders, disconcerting and too often tragic – stories in the annals of insurance companies’ bad-faith conduct toward consumers.

We have spotlighted many of them on our pro-policyholders’ insurance law blog at the tenured Oklahoma City law firm of Mansell, Engel & Cole. Our deep legal team collectively commands many decades of on-point and proven experience calling out insurers’ bad-faith behavior that unlawfully deprives individuals and families of contractual benefits they are entitled to.

Insurer can’t perform in wake of massive fire; taken over by state

Catastrophic events always test the mettle of an insurance company, whether in Oklahoma or elsewhere. Indeed, it is often in the wake of something like a massive tornado or hurricane that an insurer is truly tested. Will it proactively and timely respond to legitimate policyholder concerns? Will it pay claims in a full and prompt manner?

In short, will it act responsibly or elicit material concerns from claimants that spotlight either a negligent or wanton bad-faith response at a time when help is most desperately needed?

Long-term care in the home provides many advantages

As you grow older, you may dread the thought that someday you may become ill or otherwise unable to care for yourself well enough to remain in your home. In addition to the cost of nursing home care, other factors may upset you, such as your sentimental attachment to your home, the fear of isolation, and the loss of control over your environment and your belongings.

Fortunately, there are long-term care options for those who wish to remain at home following an illness, hospitalization or surgery. You may be able to obtain the services of home health care providers, but financial planning for this alternative is essential including adequate insurance.

Report: insurers confuse, intimidate policyholders seeking care

Increasingly, and sadly, Americans are approaching the front doors of emergency care centers across the country more concerned about their pocketbooks than they are with the medical conditions immediately confronting them. And that often rings true even when their symptoms are clearly serious or even life-threatening.

It wasn’t like that in former times, was it? Back “then” (and not that long ago), a reasonable adult could feel fairly confident regarding a decision to either schedule a routine appointment for a bit later or make haste to an ER facility for urgently required attention.

Rising care costs for Oklahomans make insurers’ performance key

People across the country argue all the time about national issues they regard as important. Opinions are strong and often sharply divided these days spanning topics ranging from trade tariffs and criminal law policies to national security and climate change.

Although it can seem hard to find even one issue that a clear majority of Americans largely agree upon, that is really not the case.

Residents, officials dealing with eastern Oklahoma tornadoes

The final day of November was anything but kind to many Oklahoma residents in in the east central part of the state. Residential occupants and business owners across a swath of counties were hit by multiple tornadoes, which reaped considerable property damage over a broad area.

Oklahomans got quickly to work in the storms’ wake, with an immediate focus being on identifying and treating personal injuries, assessing property damage and helping families and local municipalities secure assistance.

Should you have more access to experimental treatments?

Many Oklahoma residents suffer from serious and/or chronic illnesses. For instance, it probably wouldn't be difficult these days to find someone who knows someone with cancer, diabetes or some other life-altering medical condition, or to find someone who suffers from one.

Researchers are doing what they can to find ways to cure these diseases, or at least prolong the lives of those who have them. Before treatments can reach the public, they must go through clinical trials involving those who suffer from these conditions. If you could participate in a study for a medication or other treatment that could improve your health and prognosis, you would probably want to do it, but would your insurance pay for it?

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