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What do you forgo when failing to contest a denied insurance claim?

You’re a prudent person who has been around the proverbial block once or twice with insurers, so you take care to follow through carefully on formal rules and processes relevant to approval before getting an advised surgery.

Your operation goes smoothly, with your post-surgical mood buoyed even further by knowledge that your surgery was signed off on and fully covered by your health insurance provider.

Policyholders not the only parties that chafe under claim denials

Physician Michael Kirsch’s recent opinion letter to a national health publication seeks to make an immediate and starkly clear point. In communicating his views, the doctor is both candid and uncompromising.

Kirsch’s focus – wrath might actually be a better word – targets like a laser insurance companies that provide health care coverage. The descriptors he employs in a scathingly written piece render it manifestly clear that Kirsch and his professional peers are, well, put out with insurers.

Oklahomans outsized targets for insurance premium spikes

Oklahoma and steady jumps in homeowners’ insurance premiums. They go together like bread and butter.

Anyone asking Oklahoma residential property owners whether they have noticed a rise in their dwelling-linked insurance payments over the past decade might likely be queried as to whether that is intended as a serious question.

Bad faith not even an arguable proposition in this insurance matter

A federal judge recently decided to bypass a jury’s input on a key question relevant to an insurance dispute. Instead, the court ruled in a summary judgment outcome that an insurer clearly acted in bad faith in its treatment of a policyholder’s claim.

The claimant is a church and connected business that together leased a building. The plaintiff had paid nearly $3 million in mortgage payments on the property when the owner reclaimed it in a sheriff’s sale owing to the plaintiff’s failure to continue making timely payments.

Why did my homeowner's insurer deny my claim?

In the early weeks of tornado season, you may have been among those unfortunate homeowners who saw recent storms passing through your neighborhood. Like many in Oklahoma, you know how dangerous and destructive these storms can be, and you have done the right thing by preparing for the worst and purchasing homeowner's insurance to cover any damage your home might incur.

If the recent storms left your home damaged, you are depending on your insurer to come through with a reasonable response to your claim. You may have been shocked to receive a denial of your claim. It is possible that the denial is in bad faith, but before concluding this, you may want to understand the most common reasons why insurers reject the claims of homeowners.

Fight of her life – against her insurance company

When you are facing daunt challenges linked with a cancer diagnosis, you obviously want to deal with that trial absent the need to waste precious energy on additional matters.

Like a nonstop stream of hassle from your insurance company.

What is insurance policy rescission, and is it a legal practice?

As a logical lead-in to the above-posed blog headline query, we ask our readers across Oklahoma and elsewhere to consider the following facts. And please note that they are indeed facts and not something merely hypothetical to make a point. The following story is true, and not something that is particularly shocking in the annals of insurance company-linked tales.

Bottom line: A woman in one state failed to disclose on her insurance application a past visit to a dermatologist for acne treatment. That omission led to a retroactive cancelation of her policy for alleged fraud, with her insurer’s action leaving her without coverage as she embarked on a personal battle with breast cancer.

Letter sent to Congress targets mental health insurance coverage

If you see the surname “Kennedy” attached to a story with a political bent, you likely conjure up an image or two, don’t you?

A recent media piece concerning health care and related insurance coverage does prominently feature a Kennedy and, yes, that individual does turn out to be linked with one of America’s most celebrated families.

Cancer survivor now focuses on insurers’ accountability, performance

A cancer survivor underscores in a recent article a truth that is deeply acknowledged by legions of individuals across the country fighting potentially deadly illnesses. She simply notes that they “don’t have the luxury of time or the energy to play insurers’ games.”

In fact, stresses Mariam Tariq, insured individuals stricken with cancer should flat-out never be placed in a position where they are left dangling helplessly by a “power imbalance between patients and insurers.”

How does life insurance work?

If you have loved ones who depend on you financially, you will want to take the responsible action and include life insurance in your financial planning. Life insurance can be a source of support and relief to those left behind, and it can provide peace of mind for you to know you are doing the right thing.

While the concept of life insurance may seem simple, it is important that you understand the different kinds of policies, coverage and exclusions that may relate to your situation. Additionally, your loved ones will want to understand how they can claim their payout and what may cause the insurer to delay or deny benefits.

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