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Your insurer preapproved you: It’s a done deal … right?

No reasonable individual in Oklahoma or elsewhere willingly proceeds with medical treatment these days without first asking a pointed question of his or her insurance carrier.

That is this: Is it preapproved?

Long term insurance care denials will continue to rise

Many people opted to purchase long term insurance benefits as a responsible choice to prevent becoming a burden on their families as they age. Unfortunately, they have discovered that premiums are rising dramatically and insurance claim denials are frequent occurrences.

If you are the holder of a long term insurance care policy, you have likely experienced premium cost spikes, contemplated dropping the plan altogether or reducing your benefit coverage. Particularly for those who purchased these plans in the 1990's thinking long term care was squared away, it is unsettling to discover that you cannot afford the payments when you are on the verge of needing it the most.

Life insurance polices are not always void in suicides

Each year, thousands of people across the country take their own lives, and some of them more than likely resided here in Oklahoma. The family members left behind after these tragedies often find themselves in dire financial straits if the individual had provided support for them.

The life insurance industry made a point to make people think that companies would not pay out a policy if an individual committed suicide, in order to discourage individuals from attempting to provide for their families in this manner. However, that may not be the case. Grieving family members may still be able to obtain much-needed funds in the aftermath of the loss of a loved one by suicide.

Major global insurer targeted in insurance denial litigation

Many of our readers obviously remember with great clarity the vivid imagery linked with the massive Kilauea volcanic eruption on Hawaii’s Big Island a couple months back.

Now, in the wake of that, there is a further explosion, which has nothing to do with seismic activity. Rather, it relates directly to litigation which has ensued following Kilauea’s upheaval.

Yes, you should feel extra protected with UM/UIM coverage

Although few people likely think of adequate insurance coverage as being akin to a warm and comforting blanket, we submit at Mansell, Engel & Cole that such imagery is not misplaced. Truly, real protection against life’s material risks should feel something like a blanket.

You pay – and not a trivial amount – to safeguard yourself and loved ones against loss and damage that can be forthcoming from any number of sources.

Insurer whiffs three times in court re unreasonable delay case

A recent insurance-themed article relates that a policy dispute proceeded in relatively straightforward fashion for national insurer State Farm through the court system in one state.

If the case progression could be likened to a hitter’s plate appearance in a baseball game, it could aptly be deemed quick and futile.

A central part of post-storm asset recovery: proving losses

You just might be – in fact, there’s a better-than-average chance you are – an Oklahoma homeowner who lacks a detailed listing of household valuables that need to be accounted for in the wake of a storm or other adverse event.

Your insurer is probably OK with that. It fact, it might be depending on it.

Hail can cause considerable damage to your home

When a storm crops up, you may take the necessary measures to ensure that you and your property remain as protected as possible. Of course, you likely rely on your house to protect you from the majority of weather-related threats, and you use homeowners insurance to protect your home in the event that it suffers damage due to the results of a storm.

Because you live in Oklahoma, you may consider tornado damage more of threat than issues with hail. However, you may want to understand that hail can also cause a considerable amount of harm to your home, and you may need to file an insurance claim in hopes of covering the costs of necessary repairs.

Insurer would certainly like a “do over” in this bad-faith case

Insurance companies in Oklahoma and across the country sometimes act in head-scratching ways to claims that are clearly bona-fide and warrant prompt payment in full.

Regular readers of our insurance law blog at Mansell, Engel & Cole in Oklahoma City know that, of course, given the firm’s routine reporting of cases involving insurers’ strong resistance to legitimate claim payouts.

Does my insurance cover that?

Driving a car may be routine for most people, but it’s never predictable. A daily commute might include merging traffic, broken stoplights, animals crossing the street, children at play, or loose debris falling from a truck. That’s just a shortlist of possible issues. There are no limits to what might happen as you travel.

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