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Denial of disability coverage can be hurtful, but also fought

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2016 | Insurance Disputes

There are various types of insurance. And the frustrating reality is that insurance can be complicated. Throw in a variety of insurance types and, therefore, a variety of complex insurance regulations, and it is no wonder that too many people face legal hurdles that seem too high to clear on their own. 

One kind of insurance coverage that can lead to frustrating disputes with an insurance provider is disability insurance. These disability insurance dispute cases can be more than complicated; they can feel highly personal and sensitive.

Why can this specific type of insurance trouble be so sensitive? Well, imagine that you have spent years, maybe decades, building a career to support you and your family. Imagine that you have spent thousands and thousands of dollars for a disability insurance plan. Imagine that the event you hoped would not happen happens: you become very sick or injured and are unable to work. 

When a disability insurance provider tells you that your condition technically doesn’t fall under the scope of your coverage, it is natural that you would feel not only scared, but betrayed. A denial of coverage is not necessarily a dead end for you and your family.

It is too expensive and life-altering to not fight the denial of coverage. Talk to a lawyer whom you trust will aggressively defend your rights as a paying policy holder. 

In a future post, we will discuss some more specific disability insurance case issues. Every case is unique and personal to the person fighting for financial security in the midst of sometimes tragic life events.