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Does fault matter in determining car insurance premiums?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2017 | Insurance Disputes

If you are a licensed Oklahoma driver, you more than likely have car insurance. It is a legal requirement that can protect you and your family from the cost of a potential accident.

Car accidents happen to many of us, young old, rich and poor. A theory regarding car insurance premiums is that if something happens that is not your fault, the cost of your coverage will not go up. But is that the reality? A recent car insurance report contradicts that logical theory.

A consumer protection group researched the premium costs for motorists from various car insurance providers. The group looked at premium changes after a car accident happened to the insured motorists that wasn’t their fault. According to the numbers, there are drivers throughout the country who apparently are being punished for being victims of others’ careless driving.

Not only were the researchers able to see common premium hikes for the motorists who did nothing wrong in an accident, but the research suggests a possible discrimination against those who are not part of a high-income demographic.

The study included a look at the premium costs in Oklahoma City specifically. There is good news for drivers in our state. Oklahoma law bans insurance cost increases related to not-fault accidents. Therefore, it is no surprise (but still good to know) that drivers here are not penalized for accidents they didn’t cause.

While this story has a silver lining for us locally, as insurance attorneys, we know that not all cases involving accident insurance claims readily end in favor for the person filing a claim. Too often, they need to fight for the coverage they deserve. An insurance lawyer can help strengthen that important fight.