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Resilient home construction and Oklahoma insurance

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2017 | Insurance Disputes

In the past on our insurance blog, we have discussed homeowners insurance and cases related to the damage of tornadoes in particular. Oklahoma tornadoes have caused significant damage to homes in the past, and will more than likely continue to do so in the future. 

The level of damage that might occur to a home in future tornadoes, however, might be mitigated through planning. Not all homes are built equally. These days, more homes are built according to what’s called the “fortified construction standard.” Safety and construction authorities have created and designated modes of building that can reduce the chances of weather severely damaging property. 

Do you know if your residence is built to fortified “resilient home” standards? You should find out if you don’t know and consider applying the resilient home standards to your place if it is not yet up to code. It is not a legal requirement for Oklahoma homes to be so-called resilient; however, homeowners could save money on their insurance plans by having a more protected property. 

Insurance prices majorly depend on the risk of damage. Do you live somewhere in which tornadoes or other serious weather phenomena tend to cause damage? Has damage been done to your place before that your insurance provider covered? Insurance providers are a business. They will charge for plans according to what makes sense to their bottom lines, not just to your family’s bottom line. 

There is a possible shift in cost that will favor some Oklahoma homeowners, however. A new bill might pass in the state that will require lower insurance plan costs for those whose homes are technically classified as resilient homes. The logic is since resilient homes will sustain less damage, insurance companies will have to pay less to cover damage in those cases down the road. 

No matter what kind of home you have, when you file a claim for coverage, you might face refusal or low offers from your provider. Work with an insurance lawyer who will argue to protect not just your interests — but your right to coverage — according to the plan that you’ve paid for.