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Your long-term care insurer is stiffing you: What can you do?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2017 | Denied Insurance Claims

The above-posed headline query in today’s blog post spells a core — as well as deeply frightening — concern for many long-term care policyholders in Oklahoma and across the country.

Understandably, they sometimes feel helpless, even overwhelmed, upon finding out that, following their dutiful payments over many years to a seemingly solid insurance company, that entity is now acting in anything but an ethical manner when they most need it.

In fact, insurers’ responses to bona-fide LTC claims often stun and deeply dismay individuals and families who have every reasonable right to rely upon prompt and full performance and instead receive, well, something else.

Like purposeful delay.

Or, even worse, flat-out denial of a claim that is issued in the face of a doctor’s strong opinion that LTC services are immediately required.

Back to that aforementioned headline: What can be done to respond to such nefarious and bad-faith behavior?

In a word: plenty.

For starters, troubled policyholders should note that the last thing an unscrupulous LTC carrier wants to see following claim denial is communication from a pro-policyholders’ insurance law firm commanding long-tenured experience and a demonstrated record of proven client advocacy in such matters.

Lawyers who routinely confront insurers that are playing games with aggrieved policyholders understand well the tactics that industry actors employ to withhold benefits that clients are legally entitled to.

Moreover, they can lawfully and aggressively seek both compensatory and punitive damages in some bad-faith cases, with the latter serving to deter the wrongful treatment of other policyholders as well in the future.

Wrongly treated LTC policyholders should feel empowered rather than helpless in the wake of an insurer’s actions that cut back on or seek to deny outright earned benefits.

A seasoned legal team that regularly promotes policyholders’ rights and interests in long-term care insurance matters can work diligently on their behalf to make things right.