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Tactics an insurer might use to try to deny your commercial claim

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2017 | Denied Insurance Claims

The attorneys at the Oklahoma City insurance litigation firm of Mansell, Engel & Cole have been forcefully advocating on behalf of diverse clients dealing with denied insurance claims since 1994, with our deep legal team collectively commanding more than a century of on-point experience doing so.

Our representation spans the virtual universe of insurance-related issues and challenges, with our lawyers routinely focusing upon health, life, homeowners, long-term care, credit, disability, automotive and additional insurance matters.

One important client demographic at the firm comprises business owners with commercial property insurance claims.

We note on a relevant page of our website that, “In Oklahoma and surrounding states, such insurance coverage is critical,” given the area’s known problems with tornadoes and violent storms.

It is sadly the case that policyholders are often denied coverage when they submit a bona-fide claim for property damage. As our site stresses, one common insurers’ argument supporting denial where a damaged roof or other structural component is concerned is that already existing deterioration caused the harm, not a storm or other catalyst.

We routinely contest such an argument vigorously, as well as all other attempts made by insurers to skirt their contractual duty to fully perform when legally called upon to do so.

Attempted evasion goes far beyond a “the property was already suffering from deterioration” defense. As stressed in one online overview of insurance denials in the commercial property insurance sphere, bad-faith insurers have a bucket of excuses for denying claims, including these:

  • You were late filing your claim
  • You didn’t routinely pay all premiums owed
  • You were too sketchy on documenting alleged damage
  • You didn’t work hard enough to mitigate additional damage following a loss
  • Your claim is excluded by specific policy language

Case files and insurance lawsuits are replete with data and evidence showing such claims to be often incorrect, and sometimes purposefully so.

Proven pro-policyholder insurance attorneys are intimately familiar with every conceivable machination employed to wrongfully withhold payment on a claim, and will work tirelessly to promote the proper result in an insurance dispute.

Insurers have no duty under the law other than to perform as they are contractually mandated to do. A knowledgeable and aggressive insurance law attorney will insist that they respond to a policyholder’s legitimate claim for payment in a timely and good-faith manner.