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What is credit insurance, and do you need it?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2017 | Insurance Disputes

Here’s something to know about insurance products offered to consumers in Oklahoma: There are about as many varieties as there are types of candy at your local store.

Thus, when we note on our website at the established law firm of Mansell, Engel & Cole in Oklahoma City that “we handle all types of cases” involving insurance disputes, that truly connotes a wide universe.

A complete bullet list of insurance policy matters we focus upon for clients would likely take up this page. We routinely represent individuals and families that are unfairly denied coverage. Additionally, we fight hard on behalf of clients that are encountering bad-faith insurer conduct. The policies we weigh in on address health, homes, residential/commercial liability, vehicle coverage and many additional concerns.

Like credit insurance, for example.

What exactly is credit insurance?

Some people are rightly concerned that their ability to pay back lenders (auto dealers, credit card companies and so forth) will be greatly threatened by something like a job loss or family illness.

Owing to that, they consider an insurance product that helps to ensure continued payments to lenders that might otherwise be interrupted.

Do people generally need credit insurance?

Although having a credit insurance policy might promote peace of mind, some commentators suggest that it is not necessary or even advisable in many instances. That is especially true for a consumer that already has coverage through a more traditional health or life insurance policy.

Questions or concerns regarding coverage, denial or any type of insurer-related dispute related to credit insurance can be addressed to an experienced pro-consumers’ insurance law firm.