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Oklahoma gets a second health insurance option in 2019

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2018 | Insurance Disputes

Oklahoma residents using the federal exchange to shop for health insurance will have new options starting next year.

Medica, a Minnesota company, has said that they will begin selling health care plans in Oklahoma by 2019.

The company plans to offer several plan types and possible group options as well. The company already has a presence in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.

Up until this year, only Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma took part in the federal exchange market. According to NewsOK, the state has 140,000 people eligible but just one health care provider.

Medica told NewsOK that the market in Oklahoma was interesting because of the stable pricing and only one current provider.

The expectation is that more coverage options will lower the price of some health care plans. This won’t be known for sure until companies release their pricing plans later this year.

Medica plans to offer primarily silver and gold options to individuals in the Oklahoma market. Plans are ranked gold, silver or bronze. Gold plans offer the highest premiums but the lowest out-of-pocket expenses.

These health care plans are available to Oklahoma residents who do not receive health care through an employer or the government. The open enrollment dates for Oklahoma are from November 1st to December 15th.

Health care options are important commodities. Adding another provider should help give more people access to affordable care.

If you were denied a medical claim or have questions about health insurance or health care in general, a knowledgeable insurance attorney can help.