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What are your options if your insurance claim is underpaid?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Insurance Disputes

Many property owners in the Oklahoma City area have had to file a property insurance claim. There are many unexpected situations that can affect a dwelling including storms, accidents, etc. A property owner rightfully believes that having insurance will protect him from a huge loss if the unexpected occurs. But occasionally a claim may seem like it’s underpaid.

It is not unheard of for an insurance company to underpay a claim. For property owners who believe that their insurance claim was underpaid there are options.

Review insurance policy

A person may first want to review their insurance policy and understand the maximum coverage amounts. The insurance policy will list what the maximum amounts are for each covered event.

Ask insurance company how they came to that amount

A property owner should ask their insurance company how they came to that amount. They should keep a record of the correspondence in case it is needed down the road.

Hire a private claims adjuster

A property owner may want to hire a private claims adjuster to inspect the damage and see if the original claim is light or not. A property owner can then bring this information to their insurance company to ask them to fully fund the claim.

Hire an attorney

If the insurance company is not cooperating it may be best to hire an attorney who is skilled in underpaid property insurance claims. It is important that both the property owner receives full payment for their loss and that the insurance company is held accountable for their actions.